Wäschekorb Goldfisch


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Wäschekorb Goldfisch

100% polyester
Universal ✓ The storage hamper can be perfectly used for storing clothes, but also toys, soft toys, balls and a variety of items one finds in a children’s room.
Space-saving ✓ The laundry basket is perfectly suitable for small rooms as it is 55 cm high and it has ⌀ 37 cm. The laundry box offers a lot of storage space for plenty of objects due to its 60 L capacity.
Convenient ✓ The laundry container has two side handles and a visual cover to easily hide laundry and toys. Moreover, the basket is easily foldable and space-saving.
Stylish ✓ The laundry hamper is available in different creative motifs. It is suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms.
Easy-care ✓ The linen chest is made of low-maintenance materials (100% polyester) which can be easily cleaned and wiped out with a damp cloth.

Height: 55 cm
Diameter: 37 cm
Litre: 60 

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